Carnelian Sweetness T-4


This is a stunning mix of the Sacred Rudrani Seed and the beloved Semi Precious Gemstone which is Carnelian.

The Rudrani Seeds are the cousins of the Rudraksha Seed.  They are much smaller and therefore more rare for us to find for you.  We use the highest quality Rudrani Seeds and know that these seeds are very protective for the ladies.  Perfect for a modern day Goddess.

Carnelian is dispersed between the Rudrani Seeds here.  Carnelian is the deeply orange stone that is the Stone of Happiness and Joy.  This stone helps us  to create emotional balance and to help us reside in a place that is full of light and gratitude.  Carnelian also helps the function of the spleen, pancreas and the kidneys.

This is a delightful and hand made Mala from our friends at Aum Rudraksha.  Each and very seed has been knotted by hand and we adore the energy it holds for us.  As you wear this Mala it will grow and combine with your energy so it becomes totally your own.

Sacred and precious, a joy to behold


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