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Full Length Yoga Pants

Sweet Side Pants

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Another wonderful new style from Divine Goddess.  As always we have manufactured these pants from natural fibres.  We adore the sensation of natural fibres against the skin and these pants are no exception.

The waistband is a delight to the eyes and senses.  We have placed a drawstring on the side that can be gathered for a pretty and flattering look.  Drawing in the sides gives the curves of a lady definition and we all love that.  If you desire you can keep the drawstring at full height for greater coverage.  This is perfect for those days when you like your tummy covered and all can be well.  There is a comfort in covering the belly when in shoulderstand if one desires.

The waistband is also able to fold over and give a smaller size if you like.  We think this is perfect.  3 different ways to wear the waistband, choice is yours!!

These pants sit close to the bottom and feature a boot cut for the hem.  Elongating the leg and drawing the eye downward.  These pants will help to make your legs look longer and feel wonderful.

We have placed a small lotus flower on the back of the left leg, sweet and subtle.

Cotton lycra is one of our favourite fabrics to wear to yoga class and it feels great day to day casual wear.  Let your body breathe and feel the difference.

Wash these gently and they will last and last!  Please dry under the suns rays and the Sweet Side Pants will treat you well!

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