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Full Length Yoga Pants

Sweet As Pants Full Length

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We love our yoga practice. We love to wear good pants. These 2 thoughts came to us and we created the Sweet As Pants just for you. Well, and us. Made from cotton lycra. Natural fibres like these are very comfortable to wear. The body can breathe easily, even when it is working hard. Stretch in the fabric is good, easy, very flexible. Most yoga styles suit these pants.


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Our waistband detail is flattering.  We have included our traditional lotus flower sitting sweetly on the side of the waistband.  This reminds us that all of us are reaching for the light.  Working towards truth and love, just as the Lotus Flower rises towards the light, so do we.  Flowers that we are, our yoga practice helps us to shine and flourish.

These Sweet As Pants are fitting closer on the bottom and moving down to a boot leg ankle.  These pants elongate the leg.  We cannot argue with that.

We have included a string tie in these pants.  This makes it your choice how tight or how loose you enjoy to wear these pants.

The cotton lycra we use for these pants is wonderful.  Full of stretch and movement whilst being supportive at the same time.  We didnt call them the Sweet As Pants for nothing you know!

We have made these for you in Black, Grey and now in a deep Teal colour.  Red completes the picture and there is enough choice to bring two pairs of these darlings home with you.

We love to practice yoga and exercise and we also like to look good whilst doing it.  At Divine Goddess we make pants that you can be happy to wear on and off the mat.  Divine Goddess.

Please feel free to wash these beauties in the machine but take the time to line dry under the suns rays.  We realise that machine clothes dryers shorten the life of most garments and we love these pants so much we are sure you will not want to do that.

Wear these in joy and the joy will rebound back to you

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