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Yoga Mats

Studio Mat 6.4mm Purple

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At Divine Goddess we believe that many people will benefit when many people practice yoga.  What they all will be needing is a beloved and practical yoga mat.  This is a certainty and we remain committed to providing the most usuable whilst being the most lovable mats on the market.

We take pleasure in bringing to you our first range of PVC yoga mats.  We have chosen to use a thicker 6.4mm thickness for extra support and excellent cushioning.  There will not be the hassle of a highly compressed mat when you practice on a Divine Goddess Yoga Mat.  Many postures in a yoga practice place pressure on various parts of the body and we understand that a thicker mat can aleviate some of the compression.  It is with this in mind that we bring to you our beloved 6,4mm PVC yoga mats.

We adore the purple of this divine mat.  A regal and royal colour indeed.  Purple is the colour of royalty.  Yoga is known as the royal pursuit and we feel all the blessings and abundance when we practice.  This colour will make you smile and feel good whilst practicing regularly and benefitting from the goodness that is your yoga practice.

The dimensions of this mat are 61cm  x  176cm  x  6.4mm

Our PVC 6.4mm mats will fit comfortably inside our Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags and we love the way it all works together.  Join us on the mat and in the light as soon as you can!!!

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