Solace Small Travel Tin Soy

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Find Solace in the magic of light.  Cinnamon and Mandarin.  Essential oils to lighten the spirit and fill a room.

Candles are the work of light magic.  When we burn a candle we invited the essence of who we truly are into the room or space we have our candle in. It is delicious to be able to travel with your own personal candle.  Making you own altar for practice wherever you find yourself.  Lazing in the bath, mid afternoon, during the day or lucky in the evening.  Divine Goddess Soy Wax Candles are a pleasure and a treat.  For yourself, friends or family.

Mandarin is a divine oil we blend into this candle.  The citrus factor really fills the room and is very refreshing.  Cinnamon is a scent for filling the nostrils and clearing the mind.  Together, these 2 scents bring the sensation of Solace.  Calm, restful, awakened.

Divine Goddess Small Travel Tins burn for approximately 18 hours, sometimes more if treated sweetly.  Simply replace the cap after use and take with you when needed.

Enjoy this gift of light.  Brought to you with love, kindness and understanding by Divine Goddess Yoga Products


18 hours of burning pleasure

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