Satya Pants High Waist 3/4 DGP39

Colour: Black

The High Waist version of our beloved Satya Pants in 3/4 are wonderful.  The higher waistband is extremely supportive and allows you to feel the love on even the most squishy of days.

We adore to wear these natural fibres and we know that all of you will love The Satya Pants as much as we do.

The 3/4 length is perfect for all styles of yoga and exercise pursuits.

We have adorned this pair with our Lotus Flower on the waistband as we believe that all of us are like the Lotus Flower in that we all rise towards the light.  Making our way towards the path of light and truth.

Join us in this quest and practice yoga and love in the wonderful Satya Pants with a High Waist.

Bring me a higher love!


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