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Full Length Yoga Pants

Satya Pants Full Length

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We know you love the ever popular Satya Pants so we have made them in full length for you! Utterly divine and magical practice pants for on and off the mat!


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Our Satya Pants have been the most popular pair of pants in our collection!  We heard you asking for a Full Length version so we listened and learnt!

We have created a full length version of these divine Satya Pants in the offerings of Turquoise and Grey!

We used our traditional hand woven Rayon Lycra for these pants.  We weave this fabric for each and every pair of pants so you wont find this fabric anywhere else!  This takes time and patience but we know that this is worth it, for you!

These pants sit so very sweetly on the hips with our coloured waistband.  These waistbands are supportive, not just beautiful!  This allows you to move very freely during your practice or exercise workout.  This waistband supports the tummy and leaves you feeling divine and extra special.  We have included our Divine Goddess Lotus Flower on the back of the waistband so you can remember what a Divine Goddess you really are.

As we do, we have prepared the diamond crotch detail on these pants.  This gives these pants the opportunity to move and stretch without too much pressure on the crotch area.  We dont like to be pulling and tugging at our clothing when we practice yoga.  With these pants this is not a possibility, you can move and shine as much as you like!

Full length to keep the ankles warm and the feelings positive!

Wash in the machie on a cold cycle but please do not dry these Dewi Leggings in the machine dryer.  This can often shorten the life of a garment and with pants this utterly delicious we want them to last as long as possible.

Now for your pleasure, enjoy!!

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