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3/4 Length Yoga Pants

Satya Pants

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A very versaitle pair of pants. Manufactured in the soft fabric of Rayon Lycra. This fabric hugs the body and provides excellent support. They are wonderful to wear and feel so good on the body.

The colours we offer in the waistbands are flattering and add delight to these pants. The black lotus flower symbolises new beginnings. The opening of the heart is similar to the lotus flower. Reaching out of the depths of the murky and dirty pond, it makes its way to the light of true existence.


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These pants are suitable for most yoga practices and most exercise styles.  They will be excellent in your Ashtanga Yoga class or just as suitable walking the lighthouse on a beautiful morning.

We have added a diamond crotch feature to these beloved Satya Pants so the stretch can be more accomodating for all of you out there.  Less pressure on the pants and less pressure on you.  Now you just need to move and feel the goodness!

Wash these pants in the machine if you like but use only cold water and no tumble drying please.

These are beautiful and fully functional pants.  Enjoy them now!

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