Rudrani Pearl Mala


This beautiful and highly protective mala is made from the rare Rudrani seed from the Rudraksha tree found in India and many parts of Asia. These beads are very similar to the Rudraksha but are the smaller and more rare variety. Differing from the Rudraksha only in their size. Small and delicate. The seeds are thought to be "the tears of Shiva". The god meditated on the welfare of mankind, crying tears of compassion, peace and joy. The tears crystallized upon hitting the earth to form these trees. 108 beads in this mala unite to form a protective and supportive layer of energy around the wearer. Pearls symbolise purity and stimulate the mind towards clarity and wisdom. They enhance personal integrity and help to focus the wearers attention. Pearls have been said to increase fertility and ease childbirth. They increase physical vitality. Divine and delightful jewellery hand made for the heart.


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