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Aum Rudraksha Jewellery

Rudraksha Mala Crystal Amythyst

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Divine Goddess Rudraksha Malas all have 108 sacred beads.  This is a powerful and protective number.  It has been used through the ages to count mantra.  The use of sound and repetition to calm the mind and soothe the soul.

Our Rudraksha Malas are hand knotted with love and skill by artisans well practiced in their art.  This mala has the white thread and tassel.  White is the colour to attract and reflect light, from the heart to the heart......

Quartz crystal is the stone of spiritual wisdom.  It can help with clarity of thought.  Clear Quartz is very useful to assist with emotional wounds.  It increases intuition and amplifies prayers.  This is a good stone for treating headaches, dizziness and general pain relief.

Amythyst enhances the immune system and is a good blood purifier.  It is good for stomach and liver.  Amythyst has been known to help the wearer to find a true sense of peace.  It is the stone of contentment, bringing serenity with it when worn against the skin.

The golden beads on this mala are 22 ct gold over sterling silver.  This is a divine combination worn with the Rudraksha and healing gemstones.

Wear this mala close to your heart and feel the difference.  Divine

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