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Aum Rudraksha Jewellery

Rudraksha Bracelet Faceted Carnelian

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This stunning bracelet is made from the Rudraksha seed from the sacred Rudraksha tree found in India and many parts of Asia. These seeds are precious and powerful and are thought by many to be the tears cried by the God Shiva upon creating the universe.

These beads will promote courage, compassion and integrity. They help us to draw nutrients into the body and to find a sense of calm when all else is whirling.  These are sacred and beloved beads.  They grow inside a blue fruit and form the hole in the centre of the seed naturally.  Divine and delicious whilst still having magical properies.

They will even out the ph of the body and provide equilibrium where needed. They are strung on strong stretch to fit most sizes.

The faceted carnelian gem stone is pretty and carnelian works on opening the heart. Carnelian is the happy stone and can help us build a sense of hope and joy.  This stone aids in decision making for the wearer and we could all use a little help there.  This is a great stone for self confidence and to built stamina where we need to.

Sandalwood will protect and nourish the Rudraksha seed and they may become slightly darker after mixing with the oils on your body. There is no need to sleep with your Rudraksha jewellery on.

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