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Aum Rudraksha Jewellery

Rudraksha Bracelet Clear Quartz

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Rudraksha beads are the sacred seeds from the holy Rudraksha tree found in India and many parts of Asia. These seeds are thought to be the tears of the god Shiva, the creator. Imbibing the wearer with compassion, integrity and understanding these bracelets will provide endless joy.

Clear Quartz is a beautiful stone that amplifies the feelings we are already experiencing.  When you are feeling sad, it makes it clear your position.  When you are feeling joyous it allows you the clarity to see this immediately.   Clear Quartz brings a clarity and a deeper experience of the emotions. This stone also helps to increase your capacity for spiritual wisdom and this we cannot do without.  This is a good pain relief stone.

Our Rudraksha bracelets are strung on a strong stretch so easy to fit. These beads can be oiled with sandalwood oil to protect and nourish the beads. They will darken as they soak up the oil of the yogis body. Bringing light and strength to the wearer they are divine!

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