Green Aventurine Triple BTM-33 Aventurine


This delightful bracelet is made from the Rudraksh seed found in the sacred Rudraksha tree which grows in India and many parts of Asia. These beads is very holy and thought to be the tears of the God Shiva that he cried upon creating the universe.

These beads will promote courage, compassion and understanding for the wearer. Balancing equilibrium and aligning the senses.The Rudraksha seeds also helps us to assimilate nutrients into the body. Allowing us to become more grounded and live with our heart open.

Agate is the stone that helps us to rebalance and harmonise the body and connect the mind and spirit. Agate also helps us to clean and stabilise our aura and to banish negativity from our being. This stone can stimulate and give us strength to ward off negativity. Delightful deep green in colour and wonderful in lustre.

There are 27 beads on this bracelet, 1/4 of 108 which is a very auspicious and protective figure. The Rudraksha beads will love some sandalwood oil on them to nourish and protect them.

They may grow darker in colour once they mix with the oils on your body. You can take your bracelet off to sleep.


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