Rudraksha Bracelet Agate


Rudraksha beads are the sacred seed of the holy Rudraksha tree found in India and many parts of Asia. These seeds are thought to be the tears of the God Shiva that he cried upon creating the universe. When wearing this style of bracelet you may experience profound feelings of compassion, patience and understanding. The Rudraksha Seeds help us to assimilate nutrients and they serve to cool the body and calm the nervous system.

These beads will provide equilibrium and even out the ph balance in the body. Orange agate is pretty and powerful.Agate is though to rebalance the body, mind and the spirit. It can cleanse and stabilise the aura and is wonderful when the need to banish negativity is there. Agate helps us to think clearly and stimulates our analytical capabilities. It also helps us to gain inspiration from spiritual worlds.

This bracelet is brought to you with pleasure by skilled and patient jewellery makers that take the time to hand make and hand select each and every aspect that goes into this bracelet. We find the highest quality stones and the most round and perfect Rudraksha seeds that we can, just for you. Quality is every at Divine Goddess Yoga Products.

Sandalwood oil will protect and nourish these beads. They may turn darker as they mix with the oil of your body. There is no need to sleep with your Rudraksha jewellery on.


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