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Yoga Mats

Rubber Mat 5mm Earth Green

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Divine Goddess Natural Rubber Mats are environmentally friendly.  Made from rubber from the rubber tree.  These mats are a pleasure to use.  We recognise the time has come for yoga mats to hit the market that are friendly to the planet.  Divine Goddess is proud to present to you our beloved Natural Rubber Yoga Mats.  An open cell rubber mat ready to practice yoga.

Divine Goddess Natural Rubber Mats have excellent traction.  They allow you to explore the pose without sliding all over your mat.  We enjoy to take the time and feel out our postures.  This allows us the ability to truly learn about ourselves and the posture and the combination of both.  This is a blessing and we are grateful to the Divine Goddess Natural Rubber Yoga Mat in helping us find our inner yogi.

The colour of this mat is Divine.  Earth Green.  Soft energy yet full of life.  Awakened yet still soft and serene.

It feels good to be treating the earth a little easier whilst treating ourselves the same way.  The energy created by using these mats is divine and you will feel the difference.  If you are using this mat in a hot yoga we recommend using a yoga towel over the top of the mat to eleviate the slipping nature of a hot and sweaty practice.

We are sure that Divine Goddess Natural Rubber Mats will outlast nearly all other mats on the market.  We love them so, you will too once your delightful your divine mat arrives.

This mat is 5mm thick and the dimensions are 61cm  x 176cm.  This mat provides great cushioning against the floor you are practicing on.  These mats will remain strong and stay at their 5mm thickness for time to come.

Love your life, love your yoga

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