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Yoga Mats

Rubber Mat 5mm Burgundy

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Divine Goddess Natural Rubber Mats are manufactured from envrionmentally friendly rubber from the rubber tree. 

This mat will provide you with excellent grip.  The best traction we have found so far on the market.  These are stunning mats energetically and we love to use them.  If you practice Bikram yoga we recommend you use a towel over your rubber mat for a greater grip whilst practicing.

Kind to mother earth, kind to yourself.

Burgundy in colour.  Rich and delicious.  Just like yoga.  This is a quality mat and the dimensions are

61cm  x  178cm  x 5mm thick

These mats have a great durability, giving excellent value for money.  For a devoted yogi these are wonderful mats and we feel the way forward for yoga mats is the environmental way.  Divine Goddess is committed to offering the high quality and the sweetest energetics we can find, for you, our beloved customers, day after day, practice after practice.

You will love to practice yoga on these mats.  They are yummy and better for the planet.  Something Divine Goddess is comitted to.

We want to offer the best, most beautiful and most practical products available today.  We really practice yoga at Divine Goddess.  We know what is feels like so we know what we need.  Beautiful and functional yoga products.

Try your Natural Rubber mat today.  Love

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