Revival Votive Soy


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Revive yourself at the start of the day or as the evening approaches.  We have mixed love and energy into our beautiful, handmade candles.

Made in the hills of Byron Bay with kindness and compassion.  These candles are 100% natural soy wax and we use only essential oil to create these stunning scents.  There are no stabilizers in our candles so you will not find any petroleum or paraffin in Divine Goddess Candles.

These candles are so pure and divine that when the wax is liquid you are able to dip your finger into them and use the wax as a moisturiser or a massage oil!!  This is innovative and divine.  We are so pleased to share the delights of this style of Divine Goddess Candle with you.

This candle contains the scents of Himalayan Cedarwood and Eucaclyptus.  These scents combined will lift your energy, reviving even the most tired soul.  Super refreshing and completing invigorating.

This candle is encased in a glass jar for ease of use and safety.  This candle will burn for approximately 25 hours or more.

Soy wax is a natural alternative to other chemical filled candles.  Please do not leave your candle unattended ever.

The magic of light joins you when you burn a Divine Goddess Candle. 

Delightful, divine and delicious!!


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