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Divine Goddess Candles

Revival Small Travel Tin Soy Candle

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Revive yourself and those around you with this delightful soy wax candle. 

The combination of Eucalyptus oil and Himalyan Cedarwood oils provide us with the possibility of clearing and cleaning the senses and sinuses.

Eucalyptus has been used as a decongestant for many years.  It can be used in the treatment of colds and flus.  Alleviating the blocking of noses and feelings of pressure in the sinus.  Perfect for burning before and after a yoga practice when you are felling less than perfect.

Cedarwood Oil is an ancient oil that combines with the Eucaplytus to make a cleansing and extremely clean scent.  Walk in the forest, swim by the shore, but most importantly, Dance in the light.

This Small Travel Tin Soy Candle by Divine Goddess will burn for 18 hours of lightfilled pleasure.  Soy wax is a natural alternative for handmade candles.  We use no stabilisers in our candles.  There will be no petroleim or paraffin founds in Divine Goddess Candles ever!!

Take the time to sit and feel the breeze with this delightful work from Divine Goddess

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