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Pure Devotion Bracelet - Gold

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A very simple and yet still stunning piece of jewellery from Ananda Soul Creations. We are so happy to be working with these ladies and all the blessings from the heart they enjoy to share with all of us


This is a simple bracelet but sits so very sweetly against the skin.  We adore the Gold Vermeil they have used for this piece of spiritual jewellery.

Gold Vermeil is sterling silver with a thick and luscious coating of 24 ct Gold on the top.  Ananda Soul Creations use a very thick coating of 24 ct Gold and this will last very well if you dont shower or swim in this piece.  We love to make such beautiful jewellery affordable and welcome the chance to share golden hues of divine love!

The Lotus Flower that is depicted here represents and symbolises new beginnings.  We recognise that it is us that creates new beginnings and we know that our yoga practice is just the tool that can make these new beginings happen.  Practice yoga with love in your heart and awaken your own chances at new beginnings.  They are just around the corner.  The Lotus Flower is just like us.  Rising towards the light of truth and compassion from the murky depths of the pond.  Again, use your yoga practice as a wonderful tool to awaken the light and rise towards this beloved light.

Ananda Soul Creations make all of their jewellery by hand.  They work in Bali, Indonesia with a charity called The Safe Childhood Foundation which works towards eradicating poverty and sex trafficking for children.  We love to support such a worthy cause and feel sure you will feel the same abot this worthy cause.

This Pure Devotion bracelet is just lovely.  Simple, sweet and ready to go!

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