Prosperity Buddha Pendant


Prosperity comes in many shapes and forms.  Prosperity is not only for the finances.  Spiritual prosperity and a wonderful state in which to live.  When you wear this divine pendant from Divine Goddess dwell on the aspects of your life that could use some prosperity.  Abunance is available for all of us.  The energetic life force of the planet is there for us to share and draw on.  Prosperity is a state of mind and we can create and live and dance in this light if we focus our attention this way.

The Buddha represents living with simplicity.  The peace of mind gained from this style of life makes for easy decisions.  This state in decision making allows us to choose the correct path for ourselves.   Happiness can come from this and by practicing yoga we are all working towards living in a state of continual happiness.  Divine!

The Prosperity Buddha will aid in all endeavours, you need only ask.

A hand worked sterling silver 925 pendant.  Crafted by hand in the traditional way.  Our jewelry is manufactured in the age old method, working by hand.  Finishing each peace when it is completed.  You will love the lustrous shine to this pendant.  The circle shape is soothing and feels so sweet sitting againt the chest.  We love the energy created by wearing this delicious pieces of wearable art from Divine Goddess.

We have included a sterling silver stopper on the cord so that you can choose what length you would like to wear this pendant on.  Long or short, up to you.



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