Gold Lotus Chandelier Earrings peg1-52


Another beloved and detailed pair of beauties from Satya Jewellery. We are LOVING this Limited Edition Collection of Petals from Satya Jewellery. These earrings will be available for just a short time so please act whilst we still have them in stock! The 18ct Gold over Sterling Silver and brass compliment the stunning light of the White Topaz.

The Lotus Flower symbolises New Beginnings. We recognise that it is us that does the work. Makes it to the mat or faces issues in our lives. Why not celebrate this work that needs to be done by wearing a pair of beautiful golden earrings to celebrate this work. Remind ourselves that new beginnings are just around the corner and we can make magic happen.

Actually, all of us are just like the Lotus Flower. Rising towards the light from the depths of the murky pond. Taking solace in the comfort of the breath.

We love the White Topaz used in this collection. This stone is more rare and the light is affords is dazzling. This is the stone that represents creativity. In all its forms, in whatever form you need it. Do you need some assistance with a new idea, a life path or just what to have for dinner? Creativity is what we make it and we love this sort of resonance at Divine Goddess.

Join us in the celebration of love and light with these 18th Gold Plated Earrings.

Sure to set your heart on fire and you mind to find peace.


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