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3/4 Length Yoga Pants

Paula's Practice Pants

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Manufactured from cotton lycra. This is a fabric that feels light to the touch and easy to wear. Washable and extremely simple to care for.

Sitting close to the body, these pants support with the fold over waistband. This supports and allow great stretch and freedom of movement. The split at the knee is flattering and again, allows great movement.


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Paula is another wonderful yogini we know.  She is fussy about her pants and will only practice in the most comfortable clothing she can find.  She loves these pants so much we named them after her.  She will practice and practice until she gets the pose right.  Whilst she wants to practice yoga she also would like to look good and feel free in her clothing.

We love the fold over waistband on the Paula's Practice Pants.  This is incredibly supportive when completely rolled over and we all enjoy that.  There are days when you would like your tummy a little more covered and on those days we chose to keep the waistband completely rolled up and cover our belly button.  This provides us with an extra coverage and allows us the feeling of comfort we are looking for.

Cotton Lycra is these pants is flexible and of a natural fibre nature.  This feels wonderful to practice in and keep wearing these pants after practice.  Why not, when they are so comfortable!

We offer the Paula's Practice Pants to you in the colours of Black,Ocean Blue and Red.  Enough choice to take 2 pairs home.  Many of our customers do!!

These pants will be suitable for most yoga types and most exercise styles.  They will handle a strong practice as easily as a meditative moment.

Machine washable and beautiful at the same time.

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