Malas necklaces are traditionally strung with 108 beads. This is a highly protective and empowering number. All Divine Goddess Malas have 108 beads. This mala is a counter mala. This means that every 27 beads there is a turquoise healing gemstone strung to help you realise how far through the 108 chants you have come.

Turquoise is the stone that destroys hate and increases the ability to love. It is a very helpful stone for someone about to begin an adventure or journey. Turquoise promotes the absorption of nutrients as well as tissue regeneration. It may help to protect the wearer from negative environmental pollutants.

Rudraksha seeds provide us with the capacity of increased compassion. Thus providing us with a greater sense of self and positivity. These seeds are scientifically beneficial to us. They contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. They will help to cool the body and to strengthen the heart. Rudraksha seeds will provide assistance in quieting the mind and freeing the wearer from negative thought.

Our malas are strung by hand with love and great skill. Each knot sit sweetly against the bead before and after.

Enjoy this wonderful piece of jewellery. The tassel allows the energy of the seeds and healing gemstones to drip down onto the wearer and this energy is then shared with all around us.

Love your life, love your yoga


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