Ohm with Stone Pendant


The ohm is the universal sound. Deep within we all have the capabilities to access the energy that is ohm. Everyone can make the sound that creates the mantra OHM. This is a blessing to us from within to ourselves. We know that with a little practice and devotion the blessings associated with OHM can manifest in everyday life, day after day. The vibration created when we create the mantra OHM is powerful and abundant. Choose to call for OHM and the world will take notice. Soft, sweet and delicious.

This pendant is crafted from 925 sterling silver. Totally made by hand and worked upon by gifted jewelery artisans.

A garnet gemstone is embedded in this pendant. Garnet is the stone of passion. A beautiful deep red colour. Garnet is the stone that promotes vigor and vitality. Many people think of Garnet as a stone that awakens sexual vitality. This stone can calm anger and will help you to increase will power. This is a great stone for helping the lungs to function well and the intestines also. Garnet is also thought to be a positive stone for finance.

Hung on black leather. We have included a sterling silver stopper on the cord so that you have the choice as to wear this pendant at the throat or leave it hanging longer if the desire if there. This is a divine piece of jewellery.

All of our Divine Goddess Silver Pendants are packaged in a beautiful sari fabric box, just for you, from us

We love this jewellery, so will you. Now is the time!!


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