Silver Turquoise Lotus Flower Hamsa Necklace ns351-45


Turquoise is the stone that destroys hatred and increases love.  A powerful and earthy stone.  Turquoise strengthens the whole body and promotes the absorption of nutrients.  It helps tissue regeneration and circulation.

This Hamsa pendant has been manufactured by hand with love for you.  Satya Jewelry, based in New York City feel a strong commitment to producing quality jewelry at affordable prices.  We, at Divine Goddess, feel proud and pleased to be able to offer this necklace to you.

The Hamsa is an ancient symbol that symbolises positive energy.  The receipt of blessings and the repelling of negative energies or advances.  Deep faith is required to activate the Hamsa and this pendant will help you to remember this.

The Lotus Flower is a delightful reminder that we are capable of creating new beginnings for ourselves if we choose to.  Rise like the flower you really are, towards the light and away from the murky mud that you find yourself stuck in.  To the light, to the light.

A percentage of the profits from this piece will be donated to various childrens charities around the world.  Divine work


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