Silver Breakthrough Necklace ns316-09-l18


The Lotus Flower sits sweetly with the two shades of Blue Topaz on this beautiful Satya Jewellery piece. We love the Lotus Flower and the symbology represented by this beautiful flower. Blue Topaz shines bright in two shades of hand faceted semi precious gemstones.

Blue Topaz is the stone of communication. It inhabits many different shades of blue from the darkest to the very lightest shade of the sweet azure. We all recognise that communication is something we could all work on and we love this necklace helping us to remember.

This necklace finishes just below the collar bones. Perfect height for nearly all of us.

We love that Satya Jewellery work by hand on all of their products. Hand work on the semi precious gemstones is beautiful and gives them that extra shine and sparkle.

We value the commitment these artisans to have to quality. This is a very high quality piece of Sacred Jewellery and we are very proud to present the works of these people to you.

A portion of all sales is donated towards various childrens charities. The Satya Foundation gives to many childrens charities around the world and Im sure that all of us can be happy and proud to donate towards them.

LOVE xxx


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