Seedling NecklaceNS207-L18


A very simple and sweet necklace from Satya Jewelry from New York City.  We are proud to be able to offer these pieces for you here in Austraia.

Manufactured from 925 Sterling Silver with a matte finish.  This leaves a lustre that stays and glows on the silver.  Very beautiful.

The chain is 18" long.  Perfect.

The small lotus flower depicted on the pendant is completely hand made.  Manufactured using the ancient tradition of the wax mould.  This allows the artisan to work on each piece individually.  Leaving the pendant with an energy of its own, ready to make friends with the lucky new owner!

The Lotus Flower reminds us that new beginnings and personal transformation are just around the corner if we are prepared to do a little work.  Making things happen is up to us and we can all create great change if we want to.

Wear this pendant with joy and watch the light enter into your being.  We love Satya Jewelry.  It is manufactured with conscious effort.  A percentage of the profits from each piece of Satya Jewelry sold will be donated to various childrens charities around the globe.

Divine Work.  Enjoy


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