Intention Necklace NG900-26-L16B


This is a stunning yet simple necklace from Satya Jewellery.  We have been fans of these two women from New York City for a long time now.  We adore their jewellery and cannot say enough good things about it to all we know.  We feel very lucky to be able to offer these pieces to all of you with pride and love.

This necklace combines the Ohm symbol.  This symbol represents the vibration created when we make this sound.  This sound reverberates from inside the belly and work their way out towards the heart and all other extremities.   This vibration heals and awakens as it moves through the body.  Everyone can make this sound and all of us can make this sound so we can all heal ourselves.  What a splendid awareness to be awakened through wearing this necklace.

The Tree of Life symbol reminds us that we can be as grounded as we need to.  We can also create this grounding and do not need to rely on anyone else to do that for us.  The Tree of Life also reaches towards the light and the heavens, just like us.  Simply beautiful x

Amythyst is a beautiful purple stone.    It helps us to create stability and strength and can also help us to find inspiration and a true sense of peace.  This is a stone that enhances the immune system and is a good blood purifier.  This is a good stone for the stomach and the liver.

The length of this necklace is 18 inches which means it finishes just around the collar bone.  Perfect for everyday or evening wear and feeling divine. 

Satya Jewellery have used a gold plating with uses 24 ct Gold.  If you take care and do not swim or shower in this piece it will stand the test of time.

We adore this necklace and feel you will too as soon as it arrives to you.  Now is the time for LOVE


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