Gold Citrine Topaz Ohm Tree ng900-13-l18


We are proud to present to you, our beloved Divine Goddess customers the work of Satya Jewelry.  Designed for us in New York City and brought here for you with love.

Satya Jewelry designs and manufactures all their work by hand.  The old tribal method of wax moulds is used to produce the pendants in this range.  This allows the manufacturers to work with their hands on each piece.  This means that the quality control is extremely high and the pendants and jewellery itself are of a very high standard.

This necklace is beautiful in its simplicity.

Hung on an 18" Gold Vermeil chain.  Gold Vermeil is 24 kt Gold coated over sterling silver.

The Ohm pendant symbolises the vibration created when we make the sound ohm.  Ohm is the sacred sound of the universe.  This vibration is available for all of us to use if we choose to.  Simply by creating this sound we can make the vibration that lets in all the light in the world.  Take this opportunity to remind yourself of just how powerful you really are.  It is a simple yet beautiful work.  Ohm.

The tree of life provides us with a possibility of deep grounding and the show of faith.  When we focus on the tree of life we are really using the energy within us to provide a sweet union between heaven and earth.  All of the symbols used here are simple and accessible to all of us.  We already know this, it is within us.  These are reminders of the power we really hold if we chhose to.

This citrine pendant has been hand cut just for you.  Citrine is the stone of abundance and radiance.  It will assist you in creating an inner glow of confidence.  Renew your capacity for self love and remind you just how simple happiness can be to achieve.

Smoky Topaz is the stone of positive energy.  Combined with the other pendants on this necklace it will provide light and love and joy to enter and more importantly, reside in your being.  Love and Joy, within and around all you love you.

We love the pieces we offer you from Satya Jewelry.  Love them, wear them, have them for yourself or as a truly divine gift.


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