Gold Lotus Onyx Labradorite ng643-28-l18


A beautiful necklace we have to offer you today.  Manufactured by hand with love by Satya Jewlery in New York City.  This is a stunning piece of spiritual jewelry.

Manufactured from 24 kt Gold Vermeil.  The chain is 18" long.

The golden lotus flower is hand made in the old tradition of the wax mould method.  The lotus flower reminds us of the possibilities of new beginnings.  From these beginnings great transformation can occur.  Changing our lives, working our way towards the light as the lotus flower rises from the depths of the pond.

The hand faceted Labradorite gemstone is beautiful.  Labradorite is the stone of intuition.  The facilitates the feelings of intuition into thoughts we can act upon.  This stone is good for the mind.  Labradorite amplifies happiness, joy and creates a sense of security. 

Onyx is the stone of endurance.  It is recommended during times of pain and sorrow.  It can helps with objectivity and aids in the making of intelligent decisions.  Onyx helps to stengthen the bones. 

We are very pleased to be able to present to you the divine works of Satya Jewelry from New York City.  These pieces are made by hand by conscious individuals.  All working towards a new future for us all.



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