Gold Ornate Mini Hamsa Necklace ng599-l18b


Satya Jewellery present to you a sweet and beloved necklace made from Gold Plating using 24ct Gold.  We think this necklace is the perfect reminder for all of us in that we can make the protection and the blessings if we choose to.  It is our hands that receiving these blessings and if we look hard enough we can find them everywhere.  It is also our hands that protect us and we can choose to do this gently also.  Why not, create love and light with these most beloved of things, our hands.

Many cultures and philosophies believe in the goodness of the Hamsa.  Lets join them.

The length of this necklace is 18 inches and will finish around your collar bone.

To take care of your necklace please dont wear in the shower or swimming.  This is will increase the time the Gold Plating will remain on the piece.  Satya Jewellery using a thick and luscious coating of Gold and caring for it properly will help the piece to remain lustrous for longer.

We love that Satya Jewellery use the age old method of wax manufacture for their jewellery pieces.  They make a cast of wax and pour the liquid metal into the mould.  When they take it out they file and work on it by hand so that every piece is a hand manufactured piece of spiritual jewellery.  This puts the love and light into the piece and we do indeed feel the difference from other jewellery manufacturers.

Enjoy this divine necklace now.


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