Gold Ruby Ohm Lotus Necklace ng591-36-l18


This is a beautiful piece from Satya Jewelry.  Manufactured by hand, with love in New York City.

24 kt Gold Vermeil is thickly coated over sterling silver for each piece.  An 18"chain holds these delicate pieces of spiritual jewellery.

The ohm represents the vibration made when we make the sound ohm.  This is the sound of innermost healing.  We are all able to create this vibration within when we create this sound.  Ohm is the first sound, the sound that began the universe.  Use it well and with integrity.

The ruby is the stone of passion.  A deep pink in colour.  This is a very beautiful and hand worked gemstone.  A teardrop in shape and bright in lustre.  Enjoy this high quality gemstone.

The lotus flower pendant on this piece has been made by hand.  The old style of wax moulding is used in the manufacture of all Satya pieces.  This enables the manufacturer to maintain a high quality of perfection and lustre.  The lotus flower symbolises new beginnings.  Reminding us that, like the lotus flower, we are able to rise above the murky depths of the pond to arrive in the shining light of true existance.  A quite and peaceful mind.

Wear this stunning piece of spiritual jewellery well.  It has been made just for you, enjoy its qualities and heart felt warmth and compassion.


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