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The Mudra Necklace, featuring the beautiful Hamsa and the two blue stones - Blue Topaz and Aquamarine is simple and stunning. It reminds us of the tranquil blue tones of the sea. We are sure you will agree!

This gold mini triple necklace brought to us by the amazing women of Satya Jewellery is a very high quality piece of work. They work by hand on all of their pieces, creating jewellery that shines and resonates with us all. Made in New York City, this is sure to inspire and encourage us to be all that we can be.

A sweet and delicate necklace featuring a henna-inspired hamsa that symbolises the receiving of a great blessing from the universe. It has been used since ancient times to protect from negative energies and works in perfect synergy with the beautiful Aquamarine and Blue Topaz stones.

The blue topaz stone resembles a bright azure blue. It is a stone of love, communication and wisdom. It heightens our ability to communicate and to express ourselves meaningfully. The Aquamarine is a lighter shade of blue and just as stunning. Both stones evoke a feeling of crystalline waters in their differing shades of blue. Aquamarine is calming and tranquil, it soothes, cleanses and inspires us.

The chain is 18" long and sits delicately just below your collar bone. It is 24ct gold over sterling silver and the pendent is 24ct gold over brass. This gold plating is of very high quality and will last well with love and care. Please do not wear in water.

The Satya Foundation gives generously to many children's charities around the globe and we are very pleased that we too can support this wonderful cause.

We trust that you will be ready for all that awaits you on this life path and that this beautiful necklace will evoke a feeling of protection, peace and the courage that you seek.

Blessings xxx


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