Bhakti Necklace ng325-35-l24


Ganesha is the god who removes obstacles in our path to success.  He helps us side step or avoid altogether the blockages that come and go throughout life.  Ganesha is a jolly fellow.  He is the god of the scribes.  Helping poets and` writers the universe over.  Ganesha is the besower of success.  He brings with him the foritutde for right doings and correct actions.

This necklace is manufactured for us, by hand by Satya Jewelry.  Based in New York City they are a very conscious and awakened company.  Making all their jewelry by hand in the time honoured tradition of wax moulding.  This allows each and every piece to be worked on by hand.  Imbibing the jewelry with energy and creativity.

Cherry Quartz is the stone of power.   It helps us to align our consciousness with our emotions.  Providing a more even keel with which we steer.

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of Love.  Unconditional Love.  Rose Quartz has the capacity to heal emotional wounds.  This is a stone that is beneficial to the circulatory system and aids in relieving anxiety.

This necklace is manufactured from 24 kt Gold Vermeil.  A beautiful and wondrous piece of jewelery.

The 24 kt Gold Vermeil chain is 24" long. 

The lotus flower symbolises new beginnings.  Great personal transformation is possible if we only want to do the work to allow it.  Transformation works the same way at the lotus flower grows.  Upwards, out of the murky depths of the pond to said sweetly but purposefully towards the light.

This is a light filled and joyous piece to wear.  Enjoy


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