Gold Ohm Hamsa Amethyst Necklace ng284-03-l18


Designed by Satya Jewelry in New York City, this is an exquisite piece of jewellery  24 kt Gold Vermeil is coated over high quality Sterling Silver.

These hand made pendants hang on an 18" Gold Vermeil delicate chain.

The Hamsa symbol represents protection against negative forces.  This is a sacred gesture, the holding of the hand that symbolises the receipt of blessings of goodwill.  A show of true and deep faith.  The Hamsa is centuries old and provides blessings of faith and goodwill.

The ohm symbol represents the vibration made from creating the sound of ohm.  All of us are able to create this vibration for ourselves.  It is possible to heal ourselves from the inside out when we make this sound.  Ohm vibrates within all of us.  It is a simple yet profound work to come into connection with the power of ohm.   Use it well and as a reminder of the power that sits within us.

This amythyst stone has been handcut just for you.  Teardrop in shape and a deep purple in colour.  The qualities of the amythyst stone are of contentment and spiritual power.  The amythyst stone brings with it serentity and a possibility of peace of mind.

Satya Jewelry is a magical and wonderful gift.  Wear it well.  We bring Satya Jewelry to you from the metropolis of New York City.  Enjoy it as much as we do and you will be happy.


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