Gold Ruby Heart Necklace ng119a-36-l18b


Ruby is a beautiful, deeply pink stone.  Ruby brings blessings of good health, wisdom and can help us to create sweet and loving relationships.  This stone has been known to help us create energy, vitality and doses of good strength.  The Ruby stone is not for people that become angry easily.  It is also known as the stone of fertility which is amazing.  This stone can also help us to attain values we may have stuggled with.

The Gold plating is 24 ct Gold and a coating which is strong and true.  If you care for this necklace well and dont wear in the shower or whilst swimming the coating will remain very well in place.  Not so much to ask.

We adore to be reminded that the heart is strong and we can always do with a little work in that department.  Combining Ruby magic and the divine work of the heart is a blessed combination.  Wear this well and all things will come to pass.

This necklace is 18 inches long.  The pendant will hand around the collar bone level which is very sweet.

Satya Jewellery donate a portion of profits from the sales of every piece to various childrens charities around the world.  This is a divine work and we are so happy to support something of great worth.  Satya Jewellery also donate funds to help underpriviledged youths in the States, USA to practice yoga and all of us know how wonderful and life transforming that can be.



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