MT Yogi 02 Smoky Quartz fac


We adore this beloved Rudraksha Mala we have created for you.  108 seeds are used for this Mala.  This is a magical and utterly protective number.  For centuries yogis have used this number for meditation and protection.

Smoky Quartz in this form is a Semi Precious Gemstone that is not only beautiful it will help you to cleanse your aura.  This is a stunning practice and one we love to be involved in.  The Smoky Quartz stones have been faceted by hand and they are lustrous and very beautiful.

We bless our Mala Beads with the highest priests in Bali and then send them off to all of you.

Perfect for everyday wear and just as at home in a sacred ceremony.  Where will you wear yours?

Silk/Cotton thread is used to string these Rudraksha Malas which makes them very strong


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