MT Yogi 01 Carnelian Facet


We love to share the sacred seed Rudraksha Malas with all of you and this one is no exception!

Carnelian has been faceted, cut by hand to create a beautiful and lustrous shine on this gorgeous orange stone.

Carnelian helps us to create balance in our digestive system and to alleviate lower abdominal pain.  It assists with kidney problems and also encourage the formation of new blood cells.  This stone helps to cleanse and purify the blood and will therefore provide more physical energy to the body.

Carnelian also protects you to negative energies and helps you to replace them with positive ones.  It can assist you in making good decision and to focus your mind.  Carnelian will help you to feel in control of your life.

We adore this beautiful Rudraksha Seed Mala and cannot wait to share its goodness with all of you very soon!!



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