MT Yatra 10 Tigers Eye


This is a stunning sacred seed Rudraksha Mala from our friends at Aum Rudraksha. Rudraksha Seeds are known as the Tears of Shiva.  They help us to cultivate compassion and patience which we all can benefit from.

Tigers Eye is a beautiful Semi Precious Gemstone.  Tigers Eye will soothe your nervous system and help to bring peace and dispel fear and anxiety.

It is also thought to help you understand where you are in your cycle of life and to cultivate courage in living your life.  It will assist you in creating greater physical strength and passion and is also thought to help with vitality within and around your body.

 We love the energy of this stone and cannot think of a sweeter mix of Rudraksha Seeds and Tigers Eye for all of you today.  We used 24carat Gold Plated Beads on either side of the Tigers Eye for you.

Worn with love and light, they will become your best friend!


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