MT Yatra 08 Honey Opal


This is a very unusual Rudraksha Mala.  We have used Honey Opal as the Semi Precious Gemstone on this one.  This is an unusual and rare stone.

Honey Opal will help to strengthen your memory and to help with purification of the blood and kidneys.  It assists in regulating insulin within the body and to ease childbirth.

Honey Opal is known as the good luck stone.  It will help you to express your feelings of inner happiness and confidence which we could all use help with!  This beloved stone assists you in the ability to create financial success and to help with your working relationships. 

We love the mix of sacred Rudraksha Seeds and the Honey Opal here and feel sure that you will love them as much as we do once they arrive to you.

108 seeds and beads combine to create love and light and just for you!


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