MT Yatra 07 Smoky Quartz


We are loving to be able to share with all of you our sacred Rudraksha Malas.  This beloved piece is no different.  

We have used the Semi Precious Gemstone Smoky Quartz.  This gemstone is know to alleviate stress and anxiety.  Smoky Quartz also helps to detoxify the body and to help the adrenal glands to function well.  This means that it helps you to regular your bodily fluids and eliminate toxins.  This is a wonderful stone for the digestive system.

This stone is also known to help to disperse fear and negativity.

We have used 108 Rudraksha Seeds and Gemstones combined for the perfect and most magical and protective count we can find.

We are certain you will love this mala as much as we do!



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