Mala Pearl Delight MT8-L


Divine Goddess Rudraksha Malas are hand knotted with love and care.  Each bead is kissed by the knot next to it.  This allows great beauty and easy of movement.  Each Mala is strung with 108 beads, a sacred and very powerful number.

The Rudraksha Seed is grown on the sacred Rudraksha Tree.  Found in India and many parts of Asia.  The seeds are known as the "tears of Shiva".  The god meditated on the welfare of mankind, crying tears of compassion, peace and joy.  When these tears landed on the earth they crystallised to form these trees.

The Rudraksha seed is known to cool the skin and strengthen the heart.  They can increase mind clarity and calm the nervous system.

The pearl is the stone of purity.  Pearls help to instill faith, charity and innocence.  Pearls enhance personal integrity and help to focus the wearers attention.  They reflect the light and are beautiful, inspirational and a joy to wear.

This mala will grow with you.  The seeds may grow slightly darker as they mix with the oils on your skin.

Divine inspiration, deluxe living


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