Rudraksha Mala Carnelian


This 108 bead mala is made from the seed of the holy Rudraksha tree. These seeds are thought to be the tears of the God Shiva, cried in compassion whilst creating the universe. The Sacred Rudraksha seeds have been used for centuries by yogis to count the mantra when chanting. These seeds are thought to increase the wearers capacity for compassion and understanding, we can all use any help available for that!

Strung with pearl, amber and carnelian this mala is sacred and extremely protective. Pearls symbolise purity. They stimulate the mind with clarity and wisdom. They are also known to enhance personal integrity and they help to focus the attention of the wearer.

Amber is the stone that pacifies the mind and protects one from mental imbalance. Amber can also protect the wearer from evil spirits or black magic! It is a positive stone for throat problems.

Carnelian is the stone of happiness and hope and we could all use this. It is known to reduce the effects of depression and loneliness. This is a good stone for the pancreas, spleen and kidneys. Carnelian also increases stamina and self confidence.

These seeds will darken with time and age and after mixing with the oils on the wearer's skin. This is divine as the seeds begin to darken. Mixing your energy with that of the divine, right before your eyes is truly delicious. There is a knot between each and every seed and precious gemstone which is really very beautiful. It is extremely tricky to make these knots so close up to each and every stone but we have managed this so please take the time to see the quality of the malas we are bringing you.

A truly powerful and beautiful piece to compliment any lucky yogi. Wear these well and live lucky.


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