Oceans of Love MT490-L blue agate


We created this stunning 108 bead Rudraksha Mala with the love of the ocean in mind.

The Semi Precious Gemstones we used in this Mala remind us that the ocean is within us and around us always.

Blue Agate is the stone that assists us in cleansing our auras, keeping us clean in body and spirit.

Turquoise is the stone that protects us when we embark on a journey or adventure.  This stone eliminates hatred and increases our capacity to meet hatred with love.  A perfect stone for this time of the planet.

Lapis Lazuli is the beautiful deeply blue stone that speaks of truth, openness and love.  It is valued by truth seekers for its ability to quiet and purify the mind.  This stone protects against negative influences and is a very grounding stone.

Aqua Marine is the light blue stone used here.  This stone flows as water and is thought to help with the flow of life.  It helps us to strengthen optimism and to allow us to express ourselves positively.

Once these are combined with the healing properties of the Sacred Rusraksha Seed we know you will love this mala as much as we do

Yours today xx


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