Sunset Magic MT489-L citrine


The divine Sunset colours of the beautiful Mala awaken the light within.

We created this mala with 108 Sacred Seed Rudraksha and Semi Precious Gemstones.

The Rudraksha Seed have been used for centuries by yogis to create compassion and the cool the body.  Malas were first used as a meditation tool as 108 is the perfect number for chanting and this helps us to keep count of the mantra recited.

We have used the Semi Precious Gemstones of Citrine, Garnet and Carnelian in this mala.

Citrine is the golden stone that represents abundance.  It is filled with light and helps us to cultivate radiance on an every day level.

Carnelian is the stone of friendship and abosrbtion.  Wear this stone to remind you to act compassionately in all of your friendships.

Garnet is the deep red stone that assists us with passion, vitality and vigor.  It is a delightful addition to this beautiful mala.

Created on the Island of the Gods, Bali and each piece we make is blessed by the high priest of Bali before it makes it way to your home.

Full of love and light


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