Heart Open Magic MT420-LPT


This is an extremely beautiful and heart felt Rudraksha Mala that we have created just for you.

We combine the healing qualities of the Sacred Rudraksha Mala with the Semi Precious Gemstones of Black Onyx, Clear Quartz Crystal and we have created a Guru Bead, the bead at the bottom of the Mala in Flower Agate.

Clear Quartz Crystal helps you to access feelings that sit just below the surface.  Come in contact with your real emotions using Clear Quartz Crystal.

Black Onyx was the stone that the American Indians wore when going into battle.  Take strength and compassion with you using this stone.

Agate is the stone that cleanses the aura and help us to move freely through life.

Wear this mala now for love and light and strength to embue your whole self today



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