MT42-L Green Aventurine


Sharing the sweetness of Rudraksha Malas is one of our favourite things to do.

This one is utterly divine.   The sacred healing properties of the Rudraksha Seed combine with the magic of Green Adventurine.  This is a semi precious Gemstone that is beautiful and good for you.

Green Aventurine is very helpful in treating heart problems for you.  It has an ability to strengthen and stabilise the heart.  It also encourages internal regeneration.  It works on the adrenal glands and the muscular system and connective tissues.  It is a very good stone to relieve migraine headaches as well.

Aventurine can help you when you are feeling troubled and assist you in finding your way back to balance.

These beautiful Rudraksha Malas are blessed under the full moon in Bali by the highest woman priest on the island.

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