Lava is Love MT42-Lava1


This beautiful Rudraksha Mala is strung with the highly magical Gemstone of Lava.  This is actual Lava from the Sacred Volcano that has been hand shaped into the stunning stones you see before you.

Lava is a very powerful medium and is known as the stone of strength and fertility.  It was used by American Indians when entering battle to help them with clarity and strength.  This stunning stone can help when facing difficult situations and is a very grounding stone.

All of the Rudraksha Malas we use at Divine Goddess are strung with 108 beads.  This is the sacred count for chanting and meditation.  We hand knot each and every seed and this not only creates an incredibly strong mala it holds the energy of the wearer as time goes on.

This means that your Mala becomes a part of you and changes as you do.

Beloved and divine, yours now if you choose


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