Purple Love MT42-L Amythyst


This beautiful Rudraksha Mala shares the energy of these Sacred Seeds with the healing properties of the deeply purple Semi Precious Gemstone, Amythyst.

All the stones on this Rudraksha Mala have been carefully chosen and shaped by hand.  We adore the mix of the light and dark purple of this Stone of Wisdom.  Amythyst helps to create stability and strength and also assists us in cultivating inspiration.  It can also elevate meditational practices.

Yogis have used the 108 number for centuries for chanting.  It is thought to be the sacred count for chanting and it is here that the Rudraksha Malas first came into existence.

We enjoy cultivating a chanting practice and this Rudraksha Mala is perfect for this practice.  It is just as perfect for simply helping the divine enter your life.



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