Passion Power MT388-LPT Garnet


This stunning Rudraksha Mala we have created for you with love and heart felt blessings from the Island of the Gods, Bali.

We have used the Sacred Rudraksha Seed which is grown on the Rudraksha Tree.  These seeds are known to increase your capacity for compassion and patience.  We adore to work towards a greater compassionate state and hope you will love this emotion.

Garnet is the deep red Semi Precious Gemstone that is the stone of Passion.  We love to live with passion but it takes practice to keep the balance of passion.  Garnet will help you to do this and is a stunning Stone.

We have created this Rudraksha Mala with 108 beads as this is the magic quantity for meditation and mantra practice.

You will love this Rudraksha Mala as much as we do once it arrives to you door.  The time is now!


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